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If an Oath is not enforced, it will not be honored. Our legal system is failing us at enforcing our founding documents. Holding public servants accountable requires transparency that the free press used to provide. First amendment auditing, FOIA and using public surety bonds are now the most "safe and effective" ways to ENFORCE an OATH OF OFFICE. Maybe we can vote them out but if they keep the spoils of their criminal activity, how is that a proper deterrent against TREASON?

We won the information war!

What our movement now needs is a professional organization of skilled patriots who know how to hold their SERVANTS accountable and can teach those skills to others! If you want to be part of the solution, drop your email in the box above and we'll start connecting you with patriots in your county who want to be rulers and stop being SERFS! If you do not run your own life, how can you claim to have freedom? If we build it, organizations like Oath Enforcers will be protecting the rights of your great grandchildren, so JOIN NOW!

(This isn't your FBI's "Oath Keepers")
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